Driveway Sealcoating

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Preserve and protect the appearance of your driveway with ATX Home Services’ premium driveway sealcoating service. Our seasoned team uses advanced equipment and quality sealants, ensuring that your driveway not only looks new but also stands up to wear and tear. We aim to provide a service that extends the life of your driveway, enhances its appearance, and leaves you absolutely satisfied.

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Professional Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning

Driveway wear and tear can make a house look untidy. With our sidewalk & drivewalk cleaning service we can bring your driveway back to looking presentable and also seal to protect. Do you have oil stains where your car or a previous car is parked? We can remove this and other marks like tire scuffs and more. Your driveway is a common area and because of this the wear and markings it holds is constant and plenty. We can clean your driveway to make it a pleasure to drive on, as well as lifting the overall appearance of your yard, making it look lovely and fresh.You may be surprised at the great results that are possible, no matter what kind of surface you’re working with. For example, sandstone cleaning can be done without wearing away at the relatively loose surface of the stone. Paver cleaning can include getting the gaps between pavers and also removing stains from porous or semi porous surfaces. Just take a look at our gallery for an idea of what we can do for you.

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Benefits of Driveway & Sealcoating

Without seal coating, your parking lot is exposed to elements that cause potholes and cracks. If you don’t address such issues soon enough, you will incur high repair costs or require a new asphalt pavement altogether. Seal coating prevents damage to your parking lot and saves you high repair costs down the road.
Rain and snow, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, gas, and vehicle fluids cause deterioration over time. Water degrades the pavement, and hot weather causes pavement to become dry and brittle. A seal coat blocks out all the harmful elements and minimizes wear and tear. The result is reduced repair frequency, which ultimately adds to the pavement’s life.
A seal coat covers small cracks and prevents them from developing into larger cracks. After application, a seal coat’s dark color gives the driveway a glossy look. This feature makes a seal coat perfect for restoring a worn-down driveway.
A well-done asphalt pavement creates a perfect first impression. Of course, you would like your property to appeal to your tenants, clients, and guests as well. Unfortunately, with constant erosion and exposure to elements, an asphalt pavement fades and loses its good looks.
If the asphalt pavement is full of chips and cracks, you can easily slip or trip, especially when rain or snow is present. Large potholes spell doom for vehicle tires and wheel alignment issues. Asphalt seal coating eliminates these problems, which demonstrates to your tenants that you have their safety and security in mind.


If you’re looking for a local business-friendly, residential pressure cleaning company that can reinvigorate the feel and look of your home’s exterior, ATX Home Services is your solution. We’ll work with you to clean any part of your property and give you honest and fair pricing. If you’re in the Austin area and need your home, business or office cleaned, we got you covered!

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